What a beautiful weekend

I don’t know where you live, but in north Georgia our weather has been absolutely phenomenal the past couple of days. We’ve had blue skies and 70 degrees. Yesterday Sam and I spent the morning running errands to Home Depot (twice) and Wal-Mart. We were on a mission – a gardening mission. Earlier in the week we’d started receiving our orders of plants and dwarf trees from the many gardening supply catalogs we get, and we needed to get them in the ground.

Sam and worked together and accomplished many of the planting tasks on our list. Together, we planted approximately 75 plants and bulbs in our front gardening beds – we’re hoping to attract an array of butterflies and hummingbirds to our garden this year. We also purchased a couple of hummingbird feeders that will go out next weekend. On Thursday I put together our strawberry pyramid and then on Friday I assembled three new raised bed kits we decided to try out. We still need to get a load of dirt for the raised beds, but Sam was able to get over 50 strawberry plants in the strawberry pyramid. When I was a kid, I remember my Oma having a strawberry pyramid in her yard just like the one we bought. As I was shoveling dirt into it I was thinking about all the juicy-sweet strawberries we’d picked out of it and how much that time with her meant to me. Happy memories!

While Sam was planting the strawberries, I was transplanting a bunch of cacti for our back porch. One of the ladies in our church so generously gave me a bunch of her cacti as she heard we were hoping to re-create an outdoor space that is reminiscent of Arizona – one of our favorite vacation spots. While we were at Home Depot, we managed to find several gallon sized dracinias for just $1.97 (another fantastic clearance bargain) as well as a nice water fountain to pull the whole look together. I know I’ll continue to add other plants throughout the summer, but so far we’ve got a great start right now.

As the day began to wrap up, Sam and I tag teamed the planting of our new dwarf trees. We are so intent on becoming as self-sufficient as we can right here in the middle of our neighborhood (even with all our HOA rules and restrictions) that we decided to try our hand at citrus. We purchased a dwarf Meyer lemon tree, a dwarf tangerine, a dwarf fig tree, and a dwarf blueberry bush. We’ve got each of them in large pots, and with any luck they’ll take off and we’ll be harvesting citrus and blueberries this summer and fall.

We didn’t get a chance to accomplish all that we had on our list to do (like repotting the tomatoes, which is going to be my job this week) but it was a great day to work outside and enjoy each other’s company as well as the beautiful weather that God has gifted us with.

I hope your weekend was just as much fun as ours was!


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