S.B.D., Phase 1, week 1 recap

Its been a couple of days since I posted anything about the diet – I figured y’all were getting sick and tired of my rantings on it. But it has been a full 7 days now, and I thought I’d give every one an update on exactly how week one went.

Day 1: I weighed myself, and then I cried. I didn’t suffer from hunger much – probably because my brain was still trying to process the HUGE number the scales produced for my weight. I know it may sound strange, but I know I’m fat – every time I pass a mirror or a huge reflective window and I catch a glimpse of myself, I think, “holy cow woman, you really pulled the ripcord, didn’t you!” But if I don’t see myself and I don’t step on the scales, I don’t mentally feel like a fatty. So overall, in the hunger department day 1 wasn’t too bad.

Day 2: This day started out really well. I had ladies Bible study, so I was happily distracted for several hours in the morning, unfortunately when I arrived home just afterward I was starving and I struggled with hunger all day long. I felt okay for about an hour after each meal or snack, but then I would be struck with intense hunger out of the blue. It was tough, but I made it through.

Day 3: This may be one of the few days in my entire life when I actually woke up hungry! I’m normally not a breakfast eater – in fact, I prefer to not eat anything until after 10:30 a.m. unless it’s sweet, and even then I really have to be awake for it. But this day I rolled out of bed with the sounds of tummy gurgling. It was disturbing. It was distressing. And it was a fitting portents for the rest of the day. I couldn’t get enough food. I willingly ate my eggs and V8 first thing, and then I was counting the minutes until snack time….and then lunch time….and then snack time again….and then supper….and then snack time again…..and then bed time, when I wouldn’t be as likely to sit and dwell on the ache gnawing at the insides of my gut.

Day 4: Ah, the hunger seems to be subsiding a bit. Maybe there’s something to this argument that around day 4 your body will start to adjust to amount of food that it’s consuming and your brain will stop triggering the hunger pains….maybe. Overall, not a bad day – I needed it too, I was starting to wonder if I was going to make it another day on this diet, especially if day 4 had been a repeat of day 3.

Day 5: Again, not the worst day of my life, although I had a terrible time between 4 p.m. and dinnertime. I just felt ravenous. The rest of the day had been just fine, but out of the blue the hunger took over. Maybe I was focusing too much on what I was planning to cook for dinner. Who knows. Fortunately for me, I had some refried bean dip left over from day 4 (a fantastic recipe by the way) and a bag of celery sticks. It seemed that I had found my savior for the day.

Day 6: Probably the best day of the program by far. We had loads of shopping to do. Saturday’s are reserved for our bi-weekly Sam’s Club and Harry’s Farmer’s Market trips since it’s a ways from the house. I love both of those stores, but I was a bit worried also – we have a tradition on Sam’s Club Saturday – lunch at Williamson Brother’s BBQ. They have the best BBQ quesadilla and stuffed baked potato I’ve ever eaten, and I LOVE their sauce. Even while we’re standing in the checkout line my mouth starts watering in anticipation. So before we left the house that morning, Sam and I went on the defensive. We at a good breakfast, drank our V8, and then I packed us some SBD friendly snacks. Some leftover chicken breast from the night before, some jell-o cups, some pistachio nuts, and a few extra V8’s. While we were at the store we bought several varieties of low-fat cheeses as well. We sat in the parking lot in-between trips to each of the stores and snacked – that way we wouldn’t fall prey to the sights, sounds, and smells all around us. And you know what? It worked! We weren’t hungry in the least bit! It was awesome.

Day 7: Yesterday was terrible for weather – we had rain, sleet, and then a little wet snow. The wind was whipping around like mad, and it was going to be impossible for us to grill our fire sticks (another fantastic recipe for all you meat eaters). What would we do? We decided to tempt fate and try eating out. We decided on a steak restaurant since we knew we’d be able to eat meat. All the way there we were planning out what we’d order. No potatoes, no rice, no starter, we’d even refuse the complementary loaf of bread we knew would be brought to us. Because of the weather we got right in, and we headed right for the steak portion of the menu – not allowing ourselves the option of lingering over the starters or desserts, or even the chicken and pasta selections. We were specific in our ordering, determined to make good choices. And in the end, while I felt extremely guilty eating out this early in the game (I’d weighed myself on Saturday and was dreading the possibility of “undoing” some of the weight loss from the week) Sam continued to assure me that the SBD book talks specifically about not fearing restaurants. I was still skeptical as usual, but I went with it.

So, what’s the final prognosis you ask? It was better than I could have hoped. I felt I could realistically lose 3 pounds, since that’s the most I’ve ever lost on other programs in the first week or two. However, as realistic as I am, I wasn’t going to go through all this work without at least hoping for more weight loss. I felt if I could just squeeze out a 5 pound loss it would have been worth it. I would be a fool if I didn’t say that SBD has exceeded my expectations for the first week though, as I managed to lose a full 7 pounds! Honestly, I’m ecstatic! I don’t think I’ve had a weight loss like this in over a decade – maybe not ever!

So, as I move into Phase 1, week 2 I’m more than optimistic. I feel like I can tackle this week with hope and determination. I can’t expect another whopper weight loss like this week, but if I can lose even half of what I lost this week I’ll have done better in two weeks on the SBD than four to five weeks on other programs. I know there may be some rough days this week, but phase 1 will end on Sunday and we’ll move into Phase 2 – that means we’ll be able to start slowly adding some carbs and fruit back into our diet. Oh, I realize it won’t be in the quantities that I’d like for it to be, but that’s what got me into this mess in the first place.

P.S. We bought some interesting foods to be introduced in Phase 2, week 1 – so stay tuned for their revelation.


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