Bargain hunting

I’m not normally one to spend much time huddled around bargain racks, simply because I tend to make bad impulse buys when I’m there. But this weekend we were at Lowe’s looking for some more vegetable seeds for our garden and I happened to pass by a wrack of old Valentine’s day plants. Now at first glance they all looked pretty sad. It was obvious they were well past their best sell by date and were surely headed for the tip. I didn’t really give them much thought and proceeded to follow my beloved through the maze of grills and patio equipment.

On the second pass by the wrack, a pink kalanchoe caught my eye. Kalanchoes have been one of my favorite blooming plants since my days in the flower shop. I think they’re truly a lovely and unique succulent. So I stopped and took a closer look. There was nothing wrong with it. It wasn’t wilted, it wasn’t full of spider mites, the soil was quite dry but as its a succulent it was still okay, and it even had the greenhouse sleeve on it. And then I noticed that it had a twin. As I’m always on the lookout for new houseplants (despite my seemingly brown thumb) I decided to investigate a bit further. As I was turning the package around, looking for a price sticker, one of the women on the other side of the wrack said, “Ah honey look, those are only $2.” I looked up and saw her talking to her husband and holding one of the cyclamens from the same wrack.

Suddenly a bright yellow sign on the top wrack caught my eye. “CLEARANCE. All items this rack $2” Oh, this was too good to be true. I picked up the second kalanchoe and started looking through the selection of plants. Besides the kalanchoes, there were calla lilies and tulips (which are bulbs), cyclamen (which are shade lovers), and miniature rose bushes. Jackpot! Almost all of these can be planted outside in Georgia, and a $2 pricetag was just too good for me to pass up. So I picked up two miniature rose bushes to accompany the two kalanchoes I’d already parked in our buggy. And while they were lovely, I don’t have enough shade in my yard for the cyclamen; and I have nearly a hundred gladiolas bulbs to plant this week already.

I told you, I don’t spend much time around the bargain bins – there’s too much impulse buying that happens. Although, after Sam’s big clothing spending spree he really couldn’t complain about my $8 bargain!


2 thoughts on “Bargain hunting

  1. Snobound

    Oh you know me – it depends on what mood I’m in. Today I was in a buggy kind of mood. Tomorrow I may be in a cart kind of mood. Next week it may be a trolly kind of day. Some weeks is a basket…..I like to mix it up. That way I can ensure that no one is certain about what it is exactly I’m saying all the time.

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