Get In My Belly…………

So its day two of Phase 1 on the South Beach diet. As you can see from the time stamp on this post I’ve waited all day long to post something, which is probably good because my day has been a true roller coaster ride.

If I’d posted early this morning like usual the title would probably have looked something like “Day 2: Boot camp’s for sissies….” So far, no real problems on the program. South Beach diet is a blast. I haven’t had any issues with hunger and my will power hasn’t even been pricked……..

I of course spent a couple of hours this morning at my ladies Bible study group, which is an amazing distraction to me…that is until they start talking about where they’re going to eat for lunch. Uh-oh! Hunger check…yep, my stomach is growling. *Gulp* Will power test coming right up…..I took the opportunity to duck out of lunch today, all the while recalling the books advice on eating out…”go ahead and order those fajitas. It’s perfectly fine to indulge in the grilled meat and veggies”…..I paraphrase, of course. Whew, dining disaster averted. When I arrived home I promptly fixed myself a program friendly snack and considered writing my post for the day. If I’d done so, the title would have read something like, “I found out walking on hot coals is possible….”

But alas, I decided I’d give myself a bit more time to ‘reflect’ on how the program was really going. Especially since I hadn’t experienced any of the dreaded detox yet. No headaches, no super strong cravings, no tears, no crabbiness….and then it happened….as if I was struck by a bolt of lightening on a clear day…all I could think about was cereal…..and milk……and Swiss cake rolls…..and potato chips……and the potato rolls I made last Friday…and more cereal….and all the snacks we’d given away this weekend. My mouth is watering just thinking about it now.

All of a sudden, I was starving. I was sure I was going to collapse from hunger and no one would find me until I had completely chewed off my own arm. My stomach started rumbling. Then it started gurgling. Then my mouth started watering. Even the bottles of multi-vitamins and flaxseed oil next to my computer started to look good. I ate a piece of chicken. Nope, nothing. So I ate some celery sticks, and I can tell you that they did NOT taste like donuts. What was I going to do? This is getting serious….I chugged a big glass of V8 chased with two mugs of herbal tea. And still I can feel my stomach gnawing on my spine!

Sam’s not home yet. There’s a whole chicken in the oven. If he takes much longer he may be left with a clean carcass and some mashed cauliflower for dinner! I’ve never wanted to eat pages out of my cookbooks more than I do at this very minute….hence the title of this post…..

Dear Lord………….HELP. ME……….PLEASE!!!!!


One thought on “Get In My Belly…………

  1. Niecey

    Ah, rather you than me. I just made pancakes and crepes with the girls for shrove tuesday. We have loads left over. I’ll think of you while I enjoy them. 🙂

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