Okay, bacon doesn’t really have anything to do with today’s post, however my house reeks of grease. We had bacon for dinner on Wednesday night and last night I made pork tenderloin sandwiches, and of course they are also cooked in grease. Ugh. That’s one smell I really could live without.

Anyway the real reason for this post has to do with…………………….dieting. Yes, yes, I know I said weeks ago that we were going to be back on the diet wagon. But unfortunately, our combined weight was just too much for one wagon to handle and we promptly broke down within a day or two of crawling on it. I tried to warn you, I really did, but this is not a house chock full of will power but of Brand power.

Sam went back to the doctor for a follow-up visit on Wednesday morning, and of course the subject of weight loss came up – it always does, that’s why I don’t go. His doctor actually prescribed exercise…7 days a week! Yeah, right. Like that’s going to make him do it. It’s Friday, and there has been zero exercising going on around here. I ask you, where do y’all get your motivation to jump on a treadmill, or hotfoot it to the gym? What makes you want to sweat and feel your muscles burning beneath your skin – causing them to seize up for the next 24 hours and making it impossible to even move or get comfortable? I just don’t see the attraction. I really don’t.

Okay, I really shouldn’t poke my chubby finger into the fun pot over this. I realize that 99% of our current health problems are a direct result of our obesity. But frankly, eating is a whole lot more enjoyable than dieting and exercising. I’m a pro at it, and I like being able to say that I’m good at something.

Sam’s spoke to his doctor about a couple of different options for weight loss – the main thought in our minds lately has been lap band surgery. She really dis-recommended it though. Because it’s obvious we like to cook, she suggested that we try the South Beach diet. We’ve heard of it, but have never really investigated it simply because we assumed it was another fad diet like Program 21, Total Body Makeover, and the Zone. I mean, how seriously can you take a diet named after one of the most superficial places in America – like Miami? But, Sam stopped at the bookstore and picked up a copy of the book so we could check it out.

Overall, it doesn’t look like a bad program, except it has one major flaw as we see it. It cuts carbs almost completely out of your life. And we all know how attached I am to my starchy friends. In fact, the first two weeks is a total carb detoxzero carbs are allowed. That means, no mashed potatoes, no fries, no rolls, no toast, no rice, no corn, no peas, no cereal, no croutons, no baked potatoes, no boiled potatoes, no cinnamon rolls, you’re not even allowed to eat oyster crackers! Aaaarrrrrrggggggghhhhhhhh!!! I can feel my body going into a convulsion already, and we haven’t even decided if we’re going to do this diet. Oh wait, that was just my stomach growling…

So enough whining from this side of the monitor. What do you guys think? South Beach or Weight Watchers? Or is there another program out there that you’ve found to work for you, and why?


4 thoughts on “Bacon

  1. Niecey

    Obviously, I’m not the best person to give out advice…but of all the diets we’ve tried, my favorite by far was the GI diet. Basically you eat foods low on the glycemic index, so they fill you up for longer, don’t spike your sugar levels, and generally make you feel better. You can eat great food and feel satisfied and energetic. It’s excellent for controlling blood sugar levels too. And it’s not a no carb diet. It’s about choosing carbs with the right GI level, and eating them alongside proteins. The problem I had with it at the time was all the cooking. I didn’t have time for it. It meant cooking all the time, for snacks and meals, and I got tired of it, I had no time for it, back then I was designing and my life was busy enough. Now that I think of it though, now I’m mostly cooking from scratch anyway, and I have more time for that. Maybe I’ll get a book from the library and give myself a refresher. It really was a good diet. And we did lose weight on it. (though we of course made sure to gain it again when I got pregnant with Zoe)

  2. Robynn's Ravings

    I try to cook healthy and portion control. When I do that it actually works. Problem is I like to eat. When I can get THAT under control I might have a chance!Found you through PW’s site. I’m such an addict there that after I visit I sometimes troll around looking for other fun or interesting blogs. Glad to find you today! I feel your pain! (Bill Clinton lives on in his stupid sayings!) Saw him on the news this morning and nearly ruined my day!Blessings!

  3. Never Say Never Greyhounds

    Golden Corral diet :-)… just terrible :-). My answer about fun at the gym (since I am an advid goer)… the best part is leaving. I’m so thrilled and happy when I am done. If you can read or watch TV on a treadmill or bike… that helps me. I also try to go everyday for just 20 – 30 minutes. I just can’t stay there for hours like some folks do. Going 5 days a week keeps me in the habit… its too easy to skip if you only go 3 days. The gym provides some peer pressure which is good… I’m not going to leave after 5 minutes because I don’t want other people to think I wussed out.Jen

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