I’m invited…

One of my favorite movies is the remake of Sabrina – the one with Harrison Ford and Julia Ormond (to be fair though, I’ve never seen the Audrie Hepburn original). The movie is romantic and sweet, and one of my favorite lines happens when Sabrina returns from Paris and is invited to one of the famous Larabee parties by her long time heart throb, David Larabee. David didn’t know it was Sabrina at the time he invited her of course, but that doesn’t sway her from accepting the invitation. When her father finds out that she’s been invited he gives her one of his fatherly looks of sadness, reluctance, and disapproval; and as she stands in the doorway of her bathroom gazing back at him, she pleadingly says, “Please, Dad? All those years…hundreds of times…I promised myself…and now…I’m invited.”

It’s such a wonderfully tender moment in the movie, and it’s so representative of nearly every girl’s dream at one point in her life – whether its being invited to a party or to prom or to a dance or a dream date. We all have something we have desired for years, and have promised ourselves that some how, some way we’d finally make it. In my case, it represents Club.

Club is an exclusive, all-inclusive, 4-day, luxury vacation in a tropical destination given for the top 600 performers in all of Wolters-Klure. It’s a very prestigious honor to be invited, considering there are tens of thousands of W-K employees spanning nearly a dozen companies around the globe.Wolters-Klure spares no expense for this event. Attendees are lavished like royalty at an exclusive, 5-star hotel and spa. All meals are taken care of. Excursions are paid for. Red carpet entertainment is provided. Honors are bestowed, and awards and gifts are given out. Its a time of networking – a time to spread your name around and impress some very important people in some very high places. Its all about career posturing. Very mucky-muck.

When I first heard about Club, I was somewhat skeptical; and I was certain that I wouldn’t get caught up in the seemingly magical web of it all. I watched as people would share their previous Club experiences with glazed eyes and far-away looks. Their voices would become soft, as if recounting a dream. And as they closed their stories, their voices would drift off as if they’d gone into a daydream. Naturally, being the synic I am, I rolled my eyes and walked away, feeling very smug about it all. “How can a vacation be that good”, I’d think to myself. I’ve been to many exotic places; I’ve seen several beautiful beaches and enjoyed plenty of sweet tropical drinks in my day. And then, I was invited.

Once we arrived at the resort, I quickly realized that Club was a dream vacation. It was a place to be truly swept off your feet by exotic breezes and cabana boys. And when I think about our time at Club last year my eyes get misty and I find myself mentally roaming the beautiful corridors of the Fiesta Americana Grand Coral Resort in Cancun, breathing in the warm ocean breeze and longing for a few more minutes on the private ocean side terrace off our room.

This year, Club is being held at the world famous Paradisus-Palma Real Resort in the Dominican Republic, and we’ve been honored with another invitation! We’re incredibly excited as neither of us have had the privileged of visiting the Dominican Republic before. This invitation certainly makes all Sam’s hard work, excessively long hours, and crabbiness seem worth it. Is that shallow?

Below is a collection of photos of the resort I was able to pull off the Internet. I must say, this resort looks amazing and huge!

A bird’s eye view of the resort.

A reception area in the lobby.

The courtyard at dusk.

Cocktail/lounge area in the courtyard.

One of the pools at dusk.

Pool and gazebo.

Pool and tiki huts.

The lagoon.

One of the suites.

The spa.

Sunset on the beach.

Gabi beach.


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