Last night was the final night of the 133rd Westminster Kennel Club dog show in New York City. Sam and I love watching it, and would love even more to attend it in person.

This year we felt the group winners were a little bit disappointing though – especially the choice for the Herding group – the Puli. I really don’t like those dogs – I think they look ridiculous. I just have a very difficult time believing that of all the quality dogs in the Herding group the Puli was the best breed type. Plus, we were rooting for the Belgian Sheepdog – Guinness’ dad was there – “Brodhi” – who took best of breed. He’s an amazing example what a Belgian is supposed to be.

However, the winner of Best in Show was a 10 year old veteran Sussex Spaniel called “Stump”. He was adorable, but not even close to the best of the seven. The crowd really loved him though, and I think that may have swayed the judge just a tiny bit. My vote was for the Standard Schnauzer, Spirit – she was a beautiful dog, and I don’t really like Schnauzers. She is an amazing mover and she set up beautifully on her own. Very classy dog, I thought.

Here’s Stump, winning his way into the hearts of America!

Now the million dollar question is, which breed will we see move into the White House? Will it be another terrier, or perhaps one of the toys? Or will we get a bit more ghetto and see a Rottie or Pit Bull (did I just say that out loud??!!) Personally, I think a goldfish is more suited to this administration, but what do I know?!


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