Powder Room Renovations

Along with our basement remodel, we’re going to be doing some improvements on our powder room. We’ll be taking the pedestal sink and light fixture to the basement bathroom and we’re going to be adding a primitive looking bucket sink, pump style faucet, and dry sink cabinet to the powder room so it fits our current decor style a bit more.

I’ve been looking for a bucket sink off and on for over a year now, and I recently found a wonderful cooperage in Nebraska (Beaver Buckets <—- click here to see their website) that provides many living history museums and early American/Civil War historic reenactment groups with buckets and washbasins. They were wonderful folks to work with. They happily created my custom order bucket to fit my needs, and didn't gouge me on the price. The sink arrived on Friday and I can't wait to get it all installed. I still need to order the pump faucet and drain assembly, but that can be done a little closer to the time of our install since it's not a special order item.

Finding the right dry sink cabinet for our bathroom has been a challenge, to say the least. Sam and I can’t seem to agree on a set style, and there are nearly unlimited choices, distressed finishes and colors, and price ranges out there. The choices are truly overwhelming. We do have a couple of flea markets and consignment shops in our area, so before we spend big bucks online, we’re going to be checking these places out more closely – and hopefully we’ll get lucky and find just what we’re looking for.

It’s all very exciting for me though. I can’t wait to get started on this project, even though I’ve got loads of prep work to do before we can actually start installing anything. I really believe this renovation will bring a more cohesive look to our home as well as create some interest in a space that is normally not very exciting.


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