Super Steak

One of our favorite meals is steak and baked potato. Unfortunately, we don’t have it that often as beef is really becoming outrageously expensive. If you’re as fortunate as the Pioneer Woman and live on a cattle ranch – surrounded by steaks with legs – I’m jealous. If you’re like us and live in the city – dependent on the local grocery store for steaks, I feel your pain.

At the local Kroger and Publix meat counter, fillet mignon sells for about $17 a pound on sale (*choking*, *gasping for breath*…”Lizabeth……Lizabeth, it’s the big one…”) Sadly, that’s far beyond our every day price range, I can assure you. And even strips and ribeye are $12-$18 a pound. However, a couple of weeks ago one of the gents who works for Sam mentioned that a local big box stores was having a sale on whole beef tenderloins – something like $40 for 5 pounds of meat. Sam told him to pick one up for us so we could try it. Unfortunately by the time Greg made it to the store they were sold out. In a stroke of luck, he was able to pick up a rain check for the item and we’ve been waiting for it to come in ever since.

Last night, the tenderloin appeared in my sink. After dinner, Sam set to work cutting steaks. The meat was quite lovely. Beautiful marbling. Gorgeous bright red color. Just awesome. And the price was even better than we’d originally been told. Because the item took so long to be stocked, Greg managed to get us a discount! We ended up paying $30 for over 5 pounds of meat – yee-haw! I see a few weeks of steak and baked potato in our immediate future!

How about you? What meal is it you love but don’t have often enough?


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