We’ve been egged

Well, not literally, but certainly figuratively. I want everyone to know that the Superbowl bug has officially passed our house. I’m not sure why it happened this year, but we just haven’t been into football that much. Usually Sam and I make our picks before the season ever starts. We watch the games together, we trash talk each other, and we plan loads of Superbowl snacks and goodies for the big day.

Not this year though. We didn’t make picks. We didn’t trash talk. We didn’t watch many games. And I found out last night that there will be no Superbowl snacks in our house at all this weekend! No tricked out nachos. No Super-sub sandwiches. No spicy Chex mix. No chips-n-salsa. No barbecue finger sandwiches. No deviled eggs. No Superbowl cupcakes. Nothing. Nada. Neit. Zilch. Zippo. Zero. So as I said – we’ve been egged………and yet, we haven’t.

So, you might be asking yourself what it is we’ll be doing instead of watching the Superbowl with the rest of America. We’ll be helping some long time friends of ours move. They have rented a house across the street from where they currently are and they are moving on Sunday. Who moves on Superbowl Sunday, I ask you?! It’s un-American. But I guess that’s why they’re…………British!

Enjoy the game, the food, the trash-talk, and the fun America. I’ll be thinking of you as I’m carrying boxes across the street – the distant sounds of raucous laughter and cheering teasing my ears. All I can say is, GO CARDINALS!


2 thoughts on “We’ve been egged

  1. Sam

    And after we help them move, I’m watching the superbowl schmooper bowl. Looks like I just spoiled everyone’s party. that makes me a superbowl schmooper bowl party pooper. Everybody sing………

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