Burns night recap

Last night was a blast! For those of you who weren’t here, we hosted our second Burns Night Supper – a traditional Scottish supper in honor of Robert Burns, Scotland’s most beloved and well known poet. During his short life, the Bard penned works such as The Rose and Auld Lang Syne, among many others.

In celebration of the Bard’s 250th birthday, we prepared a traditional Burns Night feast, complete with bagpipe music and genuine Scottish folk. One of our favorite couple’s, Graeme and Sara King, who are from Paisley, Scotland attended, and Graeme was kind enough to address our haggis in proper Scottish fashion. Many of our guests had never seen a real kilt nor heard the famous Address to a Haggis, written by Robert Burns. It was definitely a YouTube moment.

Here’s Graeme addressing our haggis in the original old Scottish language.

Here are some photos of the spread – it was quite huge and extended into our living room – although I forgot to photo all the appetizers – sorry.

And here’s a photo of our guests – Graeme and Sara are in the center.

Tom and Fran Jackson

(Left to right front: Barbara, Dianne, Pel; left to right back: Butch, Miranda, Graeme)

Dianne and Miranda

Pel, Miranda and Fran

Barbara and Butch

Ron and Dee

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