Burns Night supper

Technically Burns Night is tomorrow – January 25th, but since its a Sunday we’re having our Burns supper tonight. Oh it’s going to be a fun, fun time. The menu is haggis (of course), bangers, neeps – n- tatties, Brussell sprouts, roasted potatoes, roasted turkey, bread sauce, and potato scones. For appetizers we’re having oatcakes, smoked salmon with capers and cream cheese, pate, and a fruit and cheese tray. Dessert is light – sticky toffee pudding with cream and some shortbread. And of course the meal wouldn’t be complete without tons of Irn-Bru.

I realize many of you have no idea what haggis, bangers, neeps-n-tatties, bread sauce, potato scones, Irn-Bru, or sticky toffee pudding are, but trust me on this – they’re all wonderful….well, except for the haggis, which is really disgusting and smelly, but it’s tradition!

I will be posting some videos over the weekend of our celebration. One of the couples attending is from Scotland and Graeme has been kind enough to address the haggis for us! It’ll be so awesome! I can’t wait, but I haven’t a thing ready. So it’s off to the races for me…miles to go before I sleep kind of thing.


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