10 "Whys" that have been rolling around in my noggin’

Why is it when tragedy strikes, people who don’t otherwise believe in God shake their fists at Him and rage against heaven?

Why is it that most people who don’t go to church, or read the Bible, or acknowledge God in any part of their every day life resort to prayer when they’re in the midst of a crisis? Do they think God is going to hear or answer the prayers of an unrepentant sinner who’s in a tough spot?

Why do people who fight so hard to take God out of schools and courtrooms and hospitals stand around amazed and horrified when kids or crazy psychos start shooting these places up?

Why do people who carry in their hearts hatred and bitterness toward others believe they’re going to go to heaven?

Why can people not accept that God is both loving and judgmental at the same time? Why does he have to be one or the other?

Why is it so difficult for people to believe there is an absolute Creator who not only made this glorious universe we call home, but who made each of us with a unique set of fingerprints?

Why do Christians have to make following Christ so difficult?

Why is it so hard for people to accept that while we live in a world where selfishness reigns supreme that really bad things are going to happen to good people and really good things are going to happen to bad people? Innocent children will get sick or hurt and they will die, young women will be raped and abused, young men will be molested and beaten by people they’re supposed to trust, while liars and thieves and pedophiles and stock brokers seem to become successful and prosperous. And when these evil things happen to the innocent, why is it always God’s fault for allowing them?

Why is it doctors and scientists fight so hard and spend so much money trying to cure cancer and Alzheimer’s and AIDS and the hundreds of other rare genetic diseases and defects, and yet turn a blind eye to the homeless person starving and/or freezing to death on the street corner, or the widows and orphans who are left to die alone of broken hearts? Doesn’t it make more sense to spend that money on those who are already living among us than to reach for a star that might be unreachable?

Why do Christians rate sins? Where’s God’s slide scale found? How did we come up with the idea that murderers are worse people than gossips? Or a person who tells a lie so some one’s feelings aren’t hurt is better off than a homosexual. Or our belief that a child molester is headed straight to hell where as a serial adulterer just made some mistakes.

Just thinkin’ out loud today………

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