Some Assembly Required, part 2

Well, I made it. It took me about 3.5 hours to do it, but I finally got the IZip together and charged up. It’s not a bad lookin’ little trike either. I think Sam and Guinness will look pretty sporty truckin’ down the road together. We’ll try it out first thing tomorrow and see just how well it works. I will snap a few photos and maybe even a video to post.

Overall, the assembly process was fairly easy, although I’d question the shipping weight. I think just the drive shaft on the motor weighs 128 pounds! It was quite a site watching me try to get the rear assembly of the bike (where the motor is) hooked up to the main frame of the bike (where the electric box is) and keep the chain properly aligned on the gears. It’s really a two person job, I can assure you. But I’m determined, and I wanted to get the bike together myself. I can tell you though, if we decide to keep the second bike, Sam’s going to be the brute squad on that one – I don’t know that I have the arm strength to put another one together alone!

This is the main frame of the bike. I was surprised to find this much of the bike intact when I opened the box. There were three wheels, a collapsible basket, handlebars, fenders, seat, pedals, chains, and accessories in this box. The smaller box strapped to the top of this huge box housed the drive train assembly, which is the rear of the bike, and weighted at least 80 pounds!

Here’s the finished product. It’s pretty sweet, and I think Sam will look pretty good on it. There’s not another old man in the southern hemisphere that’ll be able to compete with this bad boy! According to the manual, this little speedster should reach a top speed of 15 – 25 MPH on a full charge (depending on the weight of the rider, of course), and should last for 10 miles on just electric. But since it’s pedal powered as well, it should be perfect for our needs.

The basket on the rear is a perfect size for carrying Iris…….that is when she gets to tired of walking *wink* *wink*!

I’m not really keen about the seat – the back seems a bit small and close for my comfort, but it should be great for Sam, considering he’s got no butt!

Stay tuned for photos and video for Some Assembly Required, part 3….coming soon!


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