Some assembly required

For the past several weeks Sam has been looking for alternative ways to exercise our dogs. We play ball with them, we walk them, and we work their minds, but despite our best efforts Guinness just isn’t getting enough exercise, and Iris could probably stand a bit more herself. Unfortunately, with our current level of physical fitness and the amount of massive hills in our neighborhood we just can’t walk them far enough or fast enough to really wear their butts down.

We’ve tossed ideas back and forth regarding alternate ways to exercise the dogs, but everything seemed to have a major flaw in it – called a gas powered motor. You see, Guinness is quite a baby when it comes to foreign noises. I believe its just one of the traits that’s common to his breed (Belgian Sheepdog). We purchased a very nice treadmill last year to work the dogs on, but the dog absolutely refuses to hop on the thing. When you turn it on it makes a whirring noise that just sends him into a panic. He can’t find a way to get far enough away from it. It’s quite funny really, but doesn’t help us as far as his exercise is concerned. Now Iris doesn’t care one lick about noise. She hops up on it and will trot away for several miles – she’s a champ, but Guinness can’t be persuaded.

A couple of weeks ago, Sam decided to look for electric modes of transportation – a scooter. He found several different models of 2-wheeled scooters, but he felt he needed to have something with 3-wheels for stability. Not that Guinness is an ox and would really be able to pull him over, but because he’s Sam, and clumsy is his middle name.

So when he stumbled on the IZip a couple of weeks ago he placed his order. Yes, I realize it’s not the most ‘sporty’ looking scooter around. In fact, it’s quite old-foggie if you ask me. But I’m partial to the basket on the back, and the color is quite nice.

The bike finally arrived yesterday – all 128 pounds of it. And it’s complete assemble required. There’s like 800 pieces to this dumb thing! But I live to serve. And, since I’m not working I do seem to have plenty of time on my hands in which to try and get this thing unpacked and put together. In truth I’m really hoping that it works out well, simply because Amazon screwed up and sent us two. They know it, and we have 30 days in which to return the extra one, but if the IZip lives up to it’s name and works well for running Guinness, I will put the other one together and use it on Iris (and pay Amazon for it, of course!).

So I’m off to gather up the necessary tools needed to assemble this death trap. I’ll have an update on the progress tomorrow, and hopefully some photos of the action. Maybe, if I’m lucky, I’ll find the directions to be in English………………………..


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