It’s all about the little things

Sam and I celebrated our 11th anniversary in November. I’d be willing to bet that there were some people who were highly skeptical that we’d last this long. We had a truly whirlwind romance. We only knew each other for a total of five months before we met at the altar. We had almost nothing in common, and there’s a 19 year age gap between us – what can I say, I like older men! It’s not always been easy, or fun, or even interesting, but it’s always been filled with love, and I’m certain that’s what’s kept us together for the past eleven years, and will keep up together for the next fifty. And I’m not talking about big, grand gestures of love either. I’m talking about the little things…

We still hold hands and give each other little love pecks – even in public. *gasp*

We still write each other little love notes – every day almost.

We spend time together doing every day kinds of things, like grocery shopping, and walking the dogs, pulling weeds, eating dinner together and surfing the web together.

We talk about the Bible and we pray together.

We talk to each other about our hopes and dreams for the future, and about books we’re reading, and about dreams we’ve dreamt in the night.

We tell each other jokes and stories, and we can laugh at and with each other.

We share ideas and criticisms, and we can speculate about things we know nothing of.

We back each other up – where I’m weak, he’s strong, and vice versa.

We plan our vacations and talk about places we’d like to visit. And we talk about places we have visited and what we loved about them.

We think ahead to our future and yet manage to keep living in the now.

And we forget to dwell on the past and things that have hurt us – we’ve learned to forgive each other for let-downs and disappointments.

I’m not trying to say we’ve got a perfect marriage, but pretty darned close. After all these years we still like each other – we find each other interesting and fun, and we enjoy spending time together. We’ve made it a point not to compartmentalize our relationship and allow things like jobs and family and outside commitments to keep us from spending time together. And most importantly, we’ve tried to keep Jesus at the center of our marriage. Because without Him, our life and our love would have fallen apart years ago.


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