Re-gifting’s all the rage

It seems that right now there’s a huge push for re-gifting. Possibly because we all already have too much ‘stuff’. Perhaps because we’re in an economic downturn and most people are having trouble keeping the lights on, let alone spending obscene amounts of money on gifts for people we don’t really like. And maybe it’s just vogue. Either way, everyone’s doing it, according to a recent USA Today poll.

However, despite its popularity, re-gifting isn’t new. We’ve just re-labeled it and put some trendy marketing package on it. We’ve taken something that was taboo and made it hip and acceptable. How original….NOT. When I was a kid I remember going to my parents church Sunday school class party and they had a “white elephant” gift exchange. At the time I had no idea what that was, but no one seemed to get the elusive “white elephant” either!

Call me naive, but for the longest time I didn’t grasp the importance of ‘re-gifting’. The thought of taking a gift that someone had picked out for me and then giving it away to another person because it wasn’t something I really liked or wanted just seemed wrong. And then I grew up. And started getting gifts from people I worked with. And let me tell you, re-gifting seemed like the perfect solution to the ever growing pile of junk that had accumulated in my storage room. It’s not that I didn’t appreciate being remembered by my co-workers, but I had no use what so ever for some of their gifts; and since there was no attachment issues, I never felt the least bit remorseful about re-gifting!

Here’s a sampling of some of the gifts I’ve received from people I’ve worked with:

* Hideous and gaudy Christmas tree ornaments
* A miniature jelly sampler from Hillshire Farms (I think this was a re-gift itself!)
* Youth sized Christmas socks (??? Have you ever looked at my feet? I wear a size 9 for crying out loud!)
* A homemade lump of coal (it was original, but really, did I deserve that?)
* Cheap and stinky bath sets
* Used and somewhat refurbished appliances
* Smelly candles
* A box of broken candy canes
* Mismatched Dollar Store picture frames that were all scratched up and still had the clearance tag on the back

Call me shallow. Call me picky. Call me hard to please, if you must, but I think re-gifting is the answer to all our useless and tacky present problems. Now if I can just figure out who to give our old toaster and iron to I’d really be in business. I have some very nice wrapping paper. Do I have any takers?!


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