Sometimes husbands are……….

Sometimes husbands are the sweetest men on the planet! I know mine is anyway.

The past couple of days have been pretty unsettled around here – Sam’s job is really crazy and unpredictable right now, and it’s creating a level of stress that’s just not much fun to deal with. On top of that, we’ve been having lots of rain. We need the rain, for sure, but the gloomy days just seem to compound the burden of heaviness. And on top of all that, I’m still dealing with this stupid cold. I’ve gotten past the sick, sick stage and now I’m in the hacking stage. Ugh!

So yesterday I’m sitting at my computer working on a project and I’m startled by the doorbell. I peek around the corner and see the FedEx man leaving. “He must have made a mistake,” I think to myself, “we haven’t ordered anything for ourselves lately.” We have been ordering lots of Christmas stuff for other people though, so I walk to the door and there’s a package from Wine Country Gifts. “Uh-oh. Somehow we must have put the wrong address on one of the packages…” But wait, the label has my name on it! I’m curious, and a little nervous. So I open the box and inside is a lovely silver gift basket for me – from the one I love!

And the card says, “Just because I love you!”

Awwwww, now tell me that’s not just the sweetest thing! Holy cow, I sure do love that man o’ mine!


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