I love Georgia!

There wasn’t a single flake of snow on the ground when we landed at ATL. There was no windchill waiting to take our breath away when we stepped out of the terminal. We didn’t have to sit shivering in our car for 15 minutes, while it warmed up and defrosted the windows so we could come home. And I didn’t feel like I needed my winter parka, gloves, hat and snow boots just to be outside either.

We’re finally home – safe and sound, although we’re very sick. We managed to miss the rush hour traffic in Atlanta as well, which was a huge blessing considering how exhausted we both are. I’ve just gotten out of a hot shower and I’m having a nice, steamy cup of peppermint tea and an unhealthy dose of cold medicine before heading off to bed.

We had a lovely time with the kids and grandkids. And while I wish we’d had more time, I also wish it hadn’t been so darned cold and miserable – weather-wise. Next time I go back to Nebraska, it’ll be May, June, July, August, or September. Forget this wintertime travel. That’s just insanity!

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