Thanksgiving wishes

I love that in America we can still take time out of our busy schedules to gather our family and friends together and offer thanks to the Lord for the abundant ways in which He’s blessed each and every one of us. I’m sure that it won’t be much longer before that privilege is taken away from us and we become as calloused and cold toward the Lord as many other nations already are. But for now, I hope we can all take some time this weekend to reflect on the goodness we all have.

I know for many of you, you may not feel like you’ve been overly blessed this year. Especially if you’ve been hit hard by the current economic crisis. There are many folks out there who’ve lost their homes, jobs, loved ones, family members, friends, and even their identity. But please remember that if you have a roof over your head, or a meal on the table, or a car to drive, or clothes to wear, or someone to talk to, you are in the top 25 percentile of all the world’s wealth – that means you are wealthier than 75% of the rest of the world. I know you may not feel like it compared to your neighbors, co-workers, friends, or even your family, but keep in mind that there are billions of people in the world who will be sleeping in cold alleys tonight. Children who will go hungry – not just tonight but tomorrow and Saturday and Sunday. And families who will huddle together beneath remnants of tin and old plywood trying to stay warm and safe. Compared to that, we are blessed!

I hope everyone has a wonderful and safe Thanksgiving this year. For those of you who’ll be traveling for the holiday, please be safe! We’ll see ya next week…


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