Thanksgiving memories

Thanksgiving will be upon us before we know it. It’s a wonderful day. It’s a day filled with family, fun, feasting, football, and most definitely a nap. It’s a day when the men in the family run around with their pants unbuttoned (or better yet, stretchy pants), and when women swap recipes and stories about how their mother-in-law always insisted on making the Thanksgiving turkey when they were young brides.

In our house, Thanksgiving was the first day of the year my mom would pull out all the stops. She’d always make up a couple of pies, some homemade dressing, and rolls. And my dad would often spend all Wednesday night tending the smoker so we’d have a perfectly smoked turkey on our Thanksgiving table. Usually we’d spend the afternoon playing games and munching on popcorn. And my dad always enjoyed a football game (behind closed eyelids, of course). Sometimes we’d have family over and sometimes it would just be the four of us. But either way, it was always a great day.

For me, Thanksgiving brings the start of the holiday season. People seem a bit kinder, more compassionate toward their neighbors, friends, and family. Neighbors swap bags filled with homemade cookies and candies. Men put away their lawnmowers, and spend the weekend digging out Christmas lights and plastic nativity sets – climbing up and down ladders, precariously wielding staple guns, and cursing under their breath as they realize they’ve just stapled through the electric cable instead of around it! Ah yes, the holidays are a beautiful time of year.


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