Sew frustrating

Nice play on words, eh?! I’m in the middle of a sewing project that is driving me crazy. It’s one of the last little things I’d hoped to get finished up before our trip to Nebraska next week, and I’ve waited until yesterday to start it. I’m making a shopping cart cover for the grandkids. I figure since they always have a baby or toddler in toe it would be a good idea to give them something that will help keep little hands clean. And I think they look really cute. I wanted to find one that had some kind of little animal face on it, but that pattern happened to be sold out at the time. So I bought a more basic one, which is still cute.

This isn’t supposed to be a difficult project, and in truth it’s really not, but the person who wrote the direction is a moron! I’m working on the second to the last piece of the project – the casing that fits over the shopping cart handle. And the dumb thing is gathered. Oh how I hate working with gathers. They are a huge pain in the rear. They may very well be the bain of my existence. Once that’s finished then I just have to sew the button holes; in which I discovered yesterday that my button hole setting isn’t quite working right – it could very well be the operator, I’ll admit it. So I’m going to just do them by hand – no biggie there. Hopefully things will work better today than they did yesterday, and I’ll be able to finish it up in no time this morning.


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