I feel compelled to write something

Today I’m having one of those days where I feel almost completely uninspired, but because I’ve made a commitment to blogging I feel I need to at least jot some things down. So today is going to be one of those weird and wonderful glimpses into the inner workings of my brain…sorry about that!

* We had a really small turn out at Bible study this morning – only four ladies, including myself, and one of them had to leave half way through. It was a rough morning.

* We’re leaving in one week from today for Nebraska. We’re spending Thanksgiving with our children and grandchildren. I’m really excited, but I’m afraid of all the noise. Having four small children in the house can get quite loud at times. Guess I’ll just have to turn my hearing aids off…..oh wait a minute, I don’t have hearing aids…..

* I know we’re not going to put up a Christmas tree or any inside decorations this year. Its not a “bah humbug” kind of thing, but we won’t be here over Christmas, and we gave away and/or sold of most of our Christmas stuff when we moved last year and I just haven’t had the energy to replace it yet. Sam and I talk about putting lights on our porch and bushes out front, but if it gets done I’ll be surprised. We’re pretty good at talking a big game, but pretty bad at following through on it. Need to work on that one.

* I’m making Mexican style rice for a potluck tonight and my house smells like armpits. Nothin’ like chili powder and cumin to make your stomach rumble! The Beth Moore Bible study is over with as of tonight (thank you Jesus!) and we’re celebrating by having a Mexican feast. I will miss the fellowship with the ladies, but not the bad Bible study material.

* I’m on an herbal tea kick right now. I normally drink water, but for the past couple of weeks I can’t get enough hot tea. We bought a huge box of mixed herbal teas at Sam’s Club last weekend and I’ve been like a kid in a candy shop ever since.

* I have a 25 pound bag of TVP (textured vegetable protein) granules sitting on my kitchen island right now. My pantry is so full of other stuff that I’m gonna have to rearrange it before I can fit this in there. I do believe that this much TVP will last us a year or more. Thank goodness it doesn’t have an expiration date!

* My daughter has totally stomped my rear in Word Challenge on Facebook. I think she has the weekly high score right now. She’s got like 17,758 points or something really obscene like that. I was ahead of her for about a minute, and then she got down and dirty and kicked butt! I’m secretly proud of her, but I’ll never tell….oh wait, I just did, didn’t I?

* I have a “movie star” glamorous cousin. I feel like an ugly duckling standing next to her. Her husband is really nice looking too. Don’t ya just hate those kinds of couples? Thankfully she doesn’t realize how beautiful she is, and they’re both just complete sweethearts. Salt of the earth kind of people!

* In two weeks I’ll remember the 12 year anniversary of my mother’s birthday and death. She and her husband died in a horrible car accident in front of the restaurant where they were going to be celebrating her 41st birthday. I’m so thankful that my youngest brother was not with them at the time of the accident – otherwise we would have likely lost him too. I will be posting a commemorative blog about her in a couple of weeks. She was quite an interesting person.

Well folks, that’s all I really feel compelled to share. That last one took a lot out of me. I hope you’re having a more interesting day that I am. And I promise to be back in top form tomorrow.


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