A quiet Saturday morning

I’m having a lazy Saturday morning. My beloved headed for the woods before the sun came up, so I took the opportunity to sleep in a bit. Then I spent some extra time reading my devotions and enjoying a steaming cup of coffee as the bright autumn sunshine warmed my back through the kitchen windows.

The weather is crisp and cool, so the dogs enjoyed a few extra minutes running around the back yard this morning. The leaves on the maple trees that line the street behind our house have turned a vibrant, deep red and I just love staring at all the fall colors in the woods next to us.

I’m in the process of baking a loaf of oatmeal bread – **shhhh** I’m cheating and using the bread maker – and boiling up some eggs for egg salad. That sounds tasty for my lunch today. Simple, clean flavors and smells to warm my house and my tummy.

Sam should be home early this afternoon, and I have no plans to get out and about, so maybe we’ll drag our new firepit down to the patio so we can build a little fire this evening. Maybe I’ll brew up a steaming pot of Earl Grey while we’re enjoying our cozy little fire tonight. That sounds like a nice way to end the day.


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