What is it? Could you recognize it if you had to? Do you practice it?

I’m leading a women’s Bible study group on Tuesday mornings. I love going to the study. I love that a group of completely unrelated women from all walks of life can come together and share their lives, their problems, their pain, their joy, their sorrow, their hurts, their excitement, their frustration, and their lives in general.

I love when a woman opens up for the first time and becomes completely vulnerable to the group in a way she’s never done before. When she shares what’s really in her heart – forgetting pretenses, expectations, and breaking down a piece of the wall she’s spent years constructing around herself. I love listening to her share what God is doing in her life and how he’s working on her heart – how he’s teaching her to be a better mother, or a more supportive wife, or a more faithful friend, or a more honest employee, or a hundred other truths that only God can reveal to us. And I especially love that when she’s opened up and shared these personal and intimate details of her life, she can look out into the group and see, for the first time, that we’re all just a bunch of broken vessels. We all have problems. None of us is perfect. There’s not one of us that has it all figured out. And then we emotionally (and sometimes physically) embrace her.

Freedom…..that’s what comes with transparency.


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