One week left

If you’re anything like me, you’re ready for this Election to be over with. I feel like the candidates have been campaigning for the last four years. You can’t turn on a radio or television without being bombarded with campaign advertisements. There are more political signs in yards and vacant lots than I’ve seen in years. People are sporting buttons and badges, bumper stickers and banners, and many bloggers have posted at least one political rant, including me.

But this is it. We’ve finally arrived at the home stretch. In many areas early voting has been set up as a way to mitigate the influx of voter participation this year. I know in my county people have been voting for the past ten days already, and the lines are still 3+ hours long in many of the early voting locations.

I think it’s safe to say that this election will be a pivotal one in the history of our nation; and not because of Mr. Obama’s race or Mrs. Palin’s gender. I think for many folks those are non-issues. But it will be important because it represents the shift that’s taken place in America’s system of beliefs.

As we vote this year, we need to remember that America was founded on a system of timeless principles. Principles that believed opportunities for success were available for those who were willing to work hard enough to achieve their dreams.

A system of principles that demanded limited government interference in people’s lives, homes, schools, and businesses.

A system of principles that gave American’s the right to defend themselves, their families, and their property against attack – both foreign and domestic.

A system of principles that says every man IS equal, but NOT entitled.

A system of principles that acknowledged a God that’s bigger than any one of us.

I don’t know who you’re voting for, and frankly I don’t care. But I do think it’s every American’s responsibility to get informed about the issues at hand. Plan ahead and allow yourself enough time to stand in line. And cast your vote. If you don’t take the time vote, then you’ll have no right to fuss and complain if things don’t go your way.

Your vote does count.


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