Friday freedom

I’ve talked about my loathing for grocery shopping on this blog before. I love shopping, just not grocery shopping. I hate the fact that we spend thousands of dollars each year just to survive. And with food costs ever rising it makes me even more hopeful that Sam will be able to fill our freezer with venison and pig, and a few rabbits and squirrels thrown in just for good measure.

Our usual day to go grocery shopping is Fridays, which is obviously today. But we’ve decided we’re going on strike for the next few weeks! We have so much food in this house that any additional grocery shopping will just be adding to the load that’s already in our pantry, refrigerator, and freezer.

So, last week, we decided to try a little experiment. We picked up an extra supply of our weekly dairy needs – milk, coffee creamer, yogurt, eggs, cheese, etc; and we’re going to see how long we can go before we have to head back to the grocery store to restock. I think we can make it at least three weeks, if not four…we have a whole lot of food around here. By the end, our meals may consist of very interesting combinations of foods, but I’m sure it’ll all taste just fine.

So today is the first day of ‘Friday freedom’ for me. Not only am I not going to have to subject myself to the lines and crowds at Wal-Mart, but I’m also not going to have to spend any money. Thank you Lord; and I don’t say that lightly – I really mean it.

If you can’t tell, Sam and I are focused! We want to get our land and get out of town as quickly as we possibly can. We want to stop being enslaved by the weekly grocery list, and we want to begin to live off the land as God intended for us to. No, we’re not going to become Amish (despite my heritage), but we want to be good stewards of what the Lord has entrusted to us and learn to more fully rely on His provision for our needs and not on the Walton’s ability to provide for our every want, wish, and desire!

“Don’t be like them, for your Father knows exactly what you need, even before you ask him!” Matthew 6:8

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