Finding HOPE

In this life it’s very easy to become bogged down by all the negativity around us. Our ‘world’, however small it may be, is inundated with doom and gloom. Everything from the television, to the news, to politics, to Hollywood, to the current events happening in our own little town. And in all the chaos, it’s easy to forget who’s we are and who we serve.

As a Christian, I can rest assured that no matter how bad things look in the world around me that my God is still in control. That no matter who wins the next Presidential election, He will still be seated on his throne. No matter how high gas prices soar, prayer will still be heard and answered. No matter how much unemployment rises, or how much health insurance costs, or how many folks have to give up their fancy cars and overpriced houses, his Word will still be relevant to today. And no matter how bad our economy gets, this too shall all pass in His time.

So stop focusing on all the bad stuff that’s happening. Pray about everything. And live with HOPE. Hope in the one who holds tomorrow in his hand. Hope in the one who is working all things for the best for those who love Him. And hope in the one who knows the beginning from the end.



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