Knock, knock…

Is anybody out there? How many people actually read this blog anyway? I often wonder that since I never seem to get many comments – most of the time none, but occasionally one or two…and those are from people I’m related to who have to be nice to me. Maybe it’s the rain and the gloomy skies, but I feel like maintaining this blog is futile.

So, what is it? Am I boring? Am I too conservative? Too old? Too religious? Too silly? Are my recipes crap? Am I someone you hope you’ll never meet in a dark alley on a cold winter’s night? Am I completely out in left field? What is it? Do I not post things that are worth commenting on? Do my posts ever make you scratch your head and say, “hhhmmmm???” Or is everyone just too busy to post a comment?

*tap, tap*, is this thing on?! Is there anybody out there?……

*sigh* Okay, I guess I’ll go sit in my corner and pout for a while…


5 thoughts on “Knock, knock…

  1. Niecey

    I read it. I love reading this blog. I just don’t always have anything interesting to say in a comment, and am often reading fast to get done before the kids destroy the house or each other hehe

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