"Moore" recap

This past week was the first difficult week for me. The study was quite droll and I felt that there was little life application. I’m hoping that changes with this next segment. I really don’t have much to recap on as far as the discussion and video go. Although Beth did make an excellent point about prayer.

Prayer effects things. Whether we see the results or not, prayer changes things. And as believers in Jesus Christ, our prayers will never go unheard. They may not be answered as we’d like for them to be, but they’re never ignored.

I thought all of those were good thoughts, and as someone who’s prayed a lot in the past decade I know how important prayer is. However, as a young Christian, I didn’t quite understand it. I didn’t realize the balance it gave to my life, the wisdom it imparted on my mind, and the peace it brought to my heart. Even today, if I don’t spend time in prayer I just feel not completely put together. When I miss several days of prayer time I become very unhappy and not pleasant to be around. I focus on the negative and forget about all that God has blessed me with and what he’s done for me. Prayer helps me to remember that I’m saved under grace alone and not anything that I’ve done.

How about you? Do you take time each day to pray? I don’t mean the whispered prayers that are said at stop lights or in traffic jambs. Or the prayers of frustration and desperation that are uttered when your children are acting out. Or even the prayers that shuttle you into a deep slumber as you’re wrapping up your day. I’m talking about genuine time set apart to just pray and worship the Lord? Time when you can focus on his handiwork, his magnificence, his glory, his holiness, a time of worship.

I know we all say we’re just too busy. But are we really? How much time do you spend watching television or reading a book for pleasure? How much time are you sitting alone in your car or on the sidelines of a child’s sports practice as a spectator? What about the time you spend surfing the Internet, text messaging, or just idly chatting with friends? Prayer time doesn’t have to last for hours, but it should be time you set apart to just get away and worship God. For some people its just 10 or 15 minutes; for others it can be as much time as they want it to be. Either way, it’s something that should become a priority in your life. It’ll make you a better person, I guarantee it!


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