A quiet weekend to myself

Sam is on his way to the land for a weekend of hunting. The truck was packed to the gills with all the provisions he’ll need for a week – even though he’s only going to be there through tomorrow afternoon! He’s hoping to find some rest and solitude as he’s tucked away in our little hamlet in the woods. Hunting season is upon us, and he’s hoping to pick up a hog or two to stick in our freezer. I noticed that he also managed to stash in his fishin’ gear in hopes he’ll be able to snag a few bass at the lake just up the road from the land. I hope he has a wonderful time of camping, hunting, and reflection.

I however am left to man the homestead while he’s away. The dogs and I are going to be setting up shop in the basement with some movies, popcorn, maybe a pizza and lots of juice. I foresee a Harry Potter movie marathon in my not so distant future! I’ll miss my beloved, and I’ll certainly be praying for his safety as he surrounded by the beauty of the north Georgia woods…and bullets (it’s deer season for bow, black powder and primitive weapons), but mostly I hope he comes home tomorrow refreshed and energized. Oh……….and pregnant with pig would be nice too!


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