The weather must be getting ready to change again here. I woke up very early this morning with a killer migraine. I took a couple of migraine pills – managed not to throw them up – and went back to bed. When I finally drug my tootie out of bed at 8 it was still with me (the migraine…and my tootie). I just took 4 ibuprofen and I’m hoping that will help to dull this thing. I’ve got too much on my plate today to be farting around with a silly migraine headache.

I get headaches quite frequently – at least a couple of times a week, so Advil and Aleve are a food group for me. But thankfully I haven’t had as many migraines since moving to Georgia as I got when we lived in Maine. Now I seem to get them when the barometric pressure is changing rapidly. I know we’ve got a 60% chance of rain in the forecast for tomorrow – maybe this means we’ll really get some! If that’s the case, I’ll live with the crazy headache because we surely do need some rain in a major way.


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