A trip to the public library

I’m not a huge reader. I do enjoy a good book, but I’m not one of the people that spends every spare minute with my nose thrust between the pages of the latest novel or the trendiest self-help book or an intimate biography. I’m more of a casual reader, at best. And I don’t think of myself as being a very adventurous reader either. There are a few authors that I really like, but on the whole I find myself to be very picky when it comes to books. I don’t want to read nightmare inducing horror stories, or seedy romance novels, or boring history books, or graphic thrillers. I like predictable, nice, easy books about love and happiness and human emotion, and the occasional murder mystery (forensic thriller) tucked in for good measure.

Sam on the other hand loves to read. If given a choice between being entertained with TV or the Internet or a book he’ll chose the book hands down every time. He reads constantly, and he’s usually got two or three or more books going at the same time. He reads history books and finance books, he reads auto-biographies and biographies, and diet books and gardening books, and novels, and magazines and journals, and of course his Bible. He’s always reading something, even if it’s just the news headlines.

It’s dangerous to our budget to stop into the local bookstore because it’s nearly impossible for him (and sometimes myself) to get out of the store without buying at least one new book. It’s almost a compulsion for him. He loves books like I love shoes and handbags and diamonds.

So today, we were puttering about town after a yummy lunch of Mexican food, and we decided to stop into the local public library. We’ve lived in Georgia for nearly a year now with a lovely public library practically in our back yard and we haven’t been yet – isn’t that a crime in some states? Surely not in Georgia. It was fantastic, and a splendid way to spend a half an hour. And even though I’m not a huge reader, I managed to find two books that I haven’t yet read that looked interesting to me.

Sam was good – he’s already got three different books going so he decided to refrain from checking anything out today, but I practically had to pry him out of the Civil War section with a crow bar. I’ve never seen anyone so enamoured with rows and rows and rows of books. His eyes glaze over and he gets this small little grin on his face. And he has to touch everything…just like a little kid in a candy shop. Oh that man loves his books. God bless the public library.


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