A slight change of plans

Tonight, because of some upcoming work trips that have popped out of the blue for Sam, we’ve had to postpone our vacation to Nebraska until Thanksgiving. I’ve spent the last hour on the phone changing our plane tickets, canceling and re-booking our hotels, and tomorrow I’ll deal with the dog kennel and the car rental.

In a way I am slightly disappointed that we won’t be able to see our grandchildren for another two months, however, I’m relieved that we’ve gone ahead and made the changes to our schedule now instead of waiting – holding our breath while we see how Sam’s work schedule is going to play out over the next ten days. There is every possibility that he’ll be flying out of Atlanta on Wednesday afternoon and returning on Friday night, or that he’ll be called away on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week. Neither option was going to be very convenient or easy if we’d left our plans intact for our vacation next week.

One of the ways we’re keeping ourselves from having a pity party is by focusing on the fact that Sam and I have been very blessed financially through his job, so we don’t have the right to complain much when things like this crop up from time to time. We just have to focus on the positive, and that is that we’re still employed, which is not something everyone out there can say at this time in our nation’s history. God has been good to us and is continuing to bless us, even when life throws these little monkey wrenches in our path.

We called the kids tonight already and broke the news to them. To our surprise, and their credit, they took it all very well. And, it seems that our new schedule is going to work out even better for them anyway. I have to say that I am excited at the thought of spending a major holiday with our family. I don’t believe we’ve had a family holiday with all the kids and grandkids in our marriage history, so this is going to be a very fun and memorable vacation when it finally arrives.


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