A taste of Scotland

My favorite place to visit in all the world is Scotland. Now, granted, I haven’t been everywhere in the world on vacation yet, but of the places I’ve been, and there are several, Scotland is by far my favorite place. It’s so lush and green; the weather is cool and rainy; the highlands are beautiful and rugged; the sea is cold and fearsome; the meadows of heather and gorse are overwhelmingly beautiful, and the countryside is picturesque and quaint; and the food is as cultural as the people who live there. And since we know that I’m a fattie…I mean foodie, I’m going to plan and remember my vacations based on the food.

This weekend, we made a trip to Harry’s Farmers Market and we happened to spot some English bangers in the meat case. Now bangers are one of my favorite foods from Scotland (although they’re English). They’re reminiscent of brats, but they have their own unique taste – a bit livery, a tiny bit onion-y, somewhat sage flavored, full of fillers, and completely delightful. I like them best grilled, but I’ve eaten them pan fried too. In fact, our Sunday lunch was a traditional “fry-up”. It was completely delicious and fattening, and I enjoyed every bite of it.

What’s a “fry-up” you ask? Oh, I’ll happily tell you. It’s a plate full of scrummy goodies. Bangers, of course, two slices of whole grain toast that’s topped with a healthy portion of pork-n-beans, and two fried eggs. It’s so filling, and cheap, and it’s one of those meals that really sticks to your ribs. Plus if you have cholesterol problems you’re gonna set your numbers over the moon because of the amount of grease used.

Typically in the UK a fry-up is just that – fried. I’ve seen everything except the beans cooked in a huge skillet of oil and served piping hot and absolutely dripping with hot grease. Since we’re really trying to eat more healthy (Sunday’s are our cheating days, by the way) we don’t fry anything. The bread is dry-toasted in the oven, the bangers are grilled, the eggs are basted, and the beans are just beans. So I guess it’s technically not an authentic “fry-up” but a reminiscent one, which is much better for you.

Now in Scotland, if you’re ordering this meal at a restaurant you’ll most likely get your choice of meats – haggis, back bacon or streaky bacon, bangers, or blood sausage or white pudding. I, however, am only a fan of bangers. Sam on the other hand would most likely get haggis or white pudding as he’s not a huge fan of bangers, although the ones we had this weekend were wonderful!

Ah, Scotland, how I miss you!

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