Gas shortage

I must confess that I don’t get out of the house much during the week, and I don’t read, watch, or listen to the news very often – not because I’m against it, but just because it’s usually all doom and gloom, and slanted too far to the left for me. Anyway, because I’m somewhat of a homebody, I spend two days in wide-eyed amazement (Saturday and Sunday) at how terribly wrong things are in our culture.

Sam and I spend the weekends running our errands, grocery shopping, and going to church. Whatever time we’re out on the weekend is pretty much the extent of my exposure to civilization, and I take it all in like a little child from a third world country. I’m still amazed at how much traffic there is here (we’ve lived here for 9 months now), at how many luxury cars are on the road, at how many options there are for shopping, dining, and entertainment, and I was completely floored by the fact that most of the gas stations around here are out of gasoline, and according to Sam, they have been for over a week.

Please forgive me naivete here, but how can a gas station run out of gas? That’s their business, right? I guess hurricane Ike just did too much damage, or the conspiracy theorists are right, and the oil companies are trying to push the price of oil up again by creating a supply and demand issue. Either way, it was a bit frustrating and kind of scary to drive to three gas stations and see covers over the pumps. We did find gas at the Quik Trip, and it was still under $4 a gallon, but there were about 60 cars in line waiting to fill up. And one idiot was filling up his boat too – what a moron.

While I knew that we were going to be okay if we didn’t find gas yesterday, I did feel a few moments of panic at the thought that Sam might not be able to get to work because we didn’t have enough gas in our vehicles. And I now understand how something like this can cause a frenzy among normal people. It seems that our whole lives are wrapped up in our ability to get from point A to point B on our own. Our livelihood depends on it. I know that I was wishing we had an electric car….

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