Quilts galore!

One side of my family is Amish; and it’s a traditional for Amish women to make quilts for just about everything, from weddings to new babies to a birthdays and just because. Their quilts are as much a part of their family heritage as the land in which they live off of. The whole process is a community event, and the women weave stories and prayers into the fabric as they work. Every family has a healthy supply of family quilts that have been passed from generation to generation – all of which have a unique history to them.

Now I’m not even going to try and compare my quilting to those of my Amish cousins; plus I cheat and use a sewing machine for most of the work, but I still believe in quilting as a past time. Because I enjoy quilting, one of the things that I like to do for each of my grandchildren is make them a “special quilt”. I remember when my grandmother made one for me – I still have it, and while it’s become quite thin in places I still adore it. It has such wonderful childhood memories attached to it. It was like having a hug every night when I went to bed. I can remember snuggling down under it on cold winter nights and thinking how I must have held a pretty special place in my Gram’s heart for her to make such a warm and wonderful quilt for me, and I’m sure that it will be one of the things that I pass down to my children and grandchildren.

Our trip to Nebraska is just two short weeks away, and here’s what I’ll be taking with me:

Lana’s quilt……
It’s finally finished! The flowers took so much time, but I think they turned out absolutely adorable. On the back I put a sparkly pink fabric that is very feminine, and adds a bit of flare to the piece. This quilt is fun – the fabric print is bold – with cats, hot air balloons, Princess crowns, Dora, flowers, and clouds. And the pattern is fun, yet simple enough to not overwhelm the eye. A great quilt for a kid.

Zoe’s quilt…….
Zoe’s quilt was a bit of a challenge. I had originally picked out a gorgeous, pastel floral, ultra feminine pattern that looked absolutely wonderful in the magazine. However, I was unable to find the fabric that I wanted to use, and the fabric that I eventually picked out looked ridiculous when I started putting it together. So, I ripped the quilt apart and proceeded to wing it. In the end, I think the final product is quite interesting, and still maintains that little girl element that I was going for. The print on the fabric is Parisian inspired with little parasols, luggage, and Eiffel towers, with some classic prints, stripes and polka dots thrown in. I think this is just the right quilt for our little Diva!

Wee-dram’s quilt…….
Glenn’s quilt is really not a quilt, but a crib throw. I picked this little gem up at Wal-Mart on the $1 table a couple of months back, and though that if Denise had a girl I could just throw a binding on it and donate it to the church nursery. But as luck would have it, our new grand baby is a BOY, so I’m going to pick up some blue satin ribbon and use it as the binding. I realize this isn’t a proper home-made quilt, but that’ll come before his first birthday. I want to find just the right fabric for his quilt – and no, it will not be Cornhusker red!


2 thoughts on “Quilts galore!

  1. Niecey

    Wow these look so very beautiful. And so much time and effort and love went into them which makes them so incredibly special. They will love them, I know they will!

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