Weekend to-do lists

Today is a funny sort of day. It’s going to be a list creatin’ kind of day. The weekend is almost upon us (thank you Jesus!), and it’s my responsibility to create the list of things we want or need to get done over the weekend. Now I suppose we wouldn’t have to have a list of tasks to do, we could just look around and see what needs to be done, but I know us, and we’re the kind of couple that will assume that the other person is going to do that particular task.

For example, while Sam and I both use the same shower, and we can both see that the floor is covered in soap scum that needs to be cleaned off, and the shower cleaner is located in the cupboard just next to the shower, neither of us wants to take the initiative to actually spray it onto the floor, grab the scrub brush and bend over and scrub it off the tile. With a list, we can sit down and say, “Okay, I’ll scrub the shower if you’ll clean the rest of the bathroom.” or “I’ll mow the backyard if you’ll pick up the dog poop.”

I especially love to make lists when I’m cooking for a party. It helps me to visualize what foods I’m going to be serving, and I am better able to prepare the foods in order of importance. Plus, it keeps me from serving a whole meal full of desserts and breads!

In truth, making the list is the perfect job for me since I love lists. I hate to say it, but I’m kind of a nerd that way. Lists keep me focused, on track, task oriented, and at the end of the day I can look over my list and see how productive (or unproductive as the case sometimes is) I was that day. I’ve created all kinds of lists – hand written lists on napkins from restaurants, excel spreadsheets, I’ve purchased magnetic “To Do” lists that hang on the refrigerator, I’ve even written my list on the back of my hand.

So here’s our list for the weekend….

* Grocery shopping – ugh!
* Pick up dog pooh – double ugh!!
* Mow the grass
* Run the weed eater
* Weed the garden
* Vacuum the basement
* Bathe dogs – all three!
* Wash dog blankets
* Buy cedar chips for dog beds
* Plant beets
* Water plants and hanging baskets on the porch
* Water house plants
* Scrub master shower
* Clean bathrooms
* Finish Lana’s quilt

So far, that’s my list. I’m sure that we won’t get everything accomplished, but it’s a good starting point. I’ll admit that there are a few things on there that are revolving tasks – like picking up after the dogs, yard work, and watering the plants. But, they’re tasks that need to be done so they should go on the list. Plus, at the end of the weekend when I look over my list, the more things I’ve got marked off the better I feel about myself! It’s a list thing…I know, you don’t understand.

So what about you? Are you a list person? Do you need a list to say focused and organized, or are you one of those people who just knows what needs to be done and then gets it all done? What’s your weekend list look like? Is fishin’ on the top of it, or are you more likely to take the practical route and add “nap” to your list? Come on, share your list with us all – post it in the comments section…

Have a blessed and productive weekend!


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