An amazing revelation

I have been given a revelation, of sorts, and I’m so excited to share it with you. It’s something that I’ve found to be most interesting – a concept that is both simple and overwhelming at the same time. I’ve been a Christian for a lot of years, and yet this is a concept that has blessed me so much in the past week or so. It’s a revelation that I know is going to change my life and my walk with the Lord.

It may not be a big revelation to you…in fact, it may be something that you’ve known all along. You might read it and think – “How can anyone have been a Christian for 11 years and not have really grasped this until now?” And quite honestly, I’ve wondered that same question myself this past week as I’ve spent time in prayer and meditation. In a way I feel like such a newbie, and then at times I feel like it’s not so much the simplicity of the revelation that is startling to me, but how deeply it has impacted me.

I’ve always been who’s put stock in a logical progression of events – plan A – oops, that didn’t work so I’ll move onto plan B – oops, didn’t see that coming, guess I’ll try plan C – shucks, that didn’t turn out as I’d hoped, but let me try plan D, and on and on it goes. I think I’m into triple letters by now – because my plans always sound good on paper, but in real life they just don’t come together as I’d originally intended them to.

All that being said, my revelation is this:
When it comes to God, there is no Plan B (or C or D or E, for that matter). Let me say that again, there’s NO Plan B when it comes to God and his relationship with us.

WOW!!!! Woo-hoo!!! Yeah, babe!!!! High five – right here, man!!! Are you not excited by that? Is that not just the coolest thought you’ve heard in a long time? I just find that an amazing concept! It makes my skin break out in goosebumps when I let that thought settle deep into my brain.

Here’s why this is so startling to me…

God knew, even before he created the heaven’s and the Earth, and the birds of the air, and the fish of the sea, and the animals, and the plants, and the mountains, and most importantly before he created man that we were going to need a Savior. He knew that we were going to sin. He knew that man’s mind and heart was going to become so completely consumed with themselves and with evil that we were never going to be able to fellowship in his holy presence, as he so desires for us to. He knew that the blood of bulls and goats would never atone for our sin. He knew that we would spend our days and our nights seeking pleasure and self-fulfillment and self-affirmation. And yet, despite this knowledge, God still chose to create this planet….he chose to create us.

You see, the plan of salvation is not Plan B (as I’d always assumed it was) – God’s still operating on Plan A; and Jesus volunteered for the job long before God ever got started with Earth! It wasn’t like God created the Earth and everything in it, and then one day there was an “Oops” and a heavenly announcement came over the universal airwaves………..

“We interrupt this program for a Divine announcement. Please stay tuned……….Okay people, listen up, man has really made a mess out of my pet project on Earth, so I need to send one of you down there to fix it – oh, and by the way, this job could get messy…I mean really messy – hazard pay kinda messy. So management and I have decided to pick a name out of a hat here and the lucky person is to report to The Throne of God immediately for de-briefing………okay, it looks like the unlucky patsy is Jesus….that’s right, Jesus is the name that was randomly pulled from the hat…..Jesus please report to the Throne of God immediately to receive your orders. Thank you for your patience and we now return you to your regularly scheduled celestial programming.”

Amen, praise the Lord, hallelujah!!!! You see, God wanted us – we weren’t unplanned or an accident. He wanted to have fellowship with us – a level of fellowship that he does not have with any of his other creation – not even the angels. He loved us so much, even before he formed Adam and breathed the very breath of life into him that he formulated a plan that would INCLUDE a way for us to have the ability to walk with him and talk with him and worship at his feet.

You see, man didn’t surprise God in the garden when he ate of the forbidden fruit; it broke his heart for sure, but he wasn’t caught off guard by it. It wasn’t an event that made God step back and scratch his head and say, “Huummm, I never saw that comin’.” – we’re not that good!

The Bible tells us in Ecclesiasties 1:9 “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

For a scripture that was written nearly 2,000 years ago, by a man who’d never heard of, or could even imagine things like electricity, or vaccinations, or computers, or airplanes, or skyscrapers, or the atom bomb, or submarines, or microwaves, or Starbucks, or lumber mills, or refrigerators, or fashion trends, or printing presses, or the Internet, or women’s liberation, or voice mail, or shopping malls, or parachutes, or grocery stores, or indoor plumbing, or health care and insurance, or a million other realities; there is wisdom there that could only have come from a Creator who knows and sees all things – from the beginning of time until the end of time.

I’ve never been one to embrace the whole pre-destination thing, because I believe that goes against the very nature of God’s desire for man to have free-will. But I do believe that because God is so far outside the limits of time and space, and that He is so much more than our feeble and limited minds can grasp that he has created a plan that has already taken into account all that can, will, could, would, and might ever happen. He created a plan that was so perfect in its intricacies that it allows for man to remain under our own free-will, but it included an escape clause, should we choose to take it.

I don’t know about you, but I think that’s just awesome and humbling and inspiring. To know that we serve a God who so passionately pursues us (as Beth Moore so eloquently puts it) that at the same time he created us he also created a way for us to fellowship with him for all eternity. It just blows my mind so completely that I am trembling just trying to digest it all, and I hope you are too.


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