So much to do…so little time

Today is going to be one of those Mondays that just makes me wish I’d stayed in bed with the covers pulled up over my head – ignoring the world around me. And even as I write this, there are a dozen or more tasks that need to be done and they’re buzzing around my head like pesky little gnats, reminding me that I’ve got miles to go before I sleep. What I really want to do is sit here in front of this computer all day long and keep working on my book, but since I’ve made commitments and obligations I need to keep I suppose I’ll wind down this very short post for today and get to working on my task list…………………

On a completely separate note – today is my daughter’s due date, although I doubt we’ll have a new grandchild for at least two more weeks. I wanted to point out that I’m waiting expectantly for the phone to ring – letting us know what we have – another girl or a boy (finally) – and what the baby’s name is. Come on Niecey, get to pushin’!


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