A Woman’s Heart, God’s Dwelling Place

For those of you who are familiar with Beth Moore, you’ll probably recognize that title. It’s the very first Bible study material she wrote (a decade ago), and I’m so excited to share with you that it’s also the material that’s been chosen for my new Bible study group that meets on Tuesday nights! I’m really psyched about it and here are just a couple of reasons why…

1. It’s a Bible study group that I first got involved in last spring after moving to Georgia. This group of ladies only meets for part of the year and they’re just awesome. I’m so thrilled to be back together with them. They inspire me to get deeper into God’s word and prayer, and I love hearing how God is working and moving in their lives through His word.

2. This is my first Beth Moore study of any kind. I’ve always shied away from doing a BM study, mainly because I always felt she was just too deep and weird for my taste; granted I’d only heard a few short snippets from her conferences. You see, I was raised in a very conservative and relatively quiet church, that didn’t really encourage you to get deep into the scriptures and make the Bible heart knowledge instead of head knowledge. So every time I heard her, I just thought she’s too manic, too loud, too aggressive, too emotional, and she always seemed to be on the verge of overly theological. She was just way out of my league on so many different levels.

But as I listened to the introductory DVD last night; bracing myself for disappointment; I realized that she’s not trying to be a deep, introspective theologian; she’s not trying to beat people over the head with the Gospel message; she’s just ON FIRE for the Lord as much as I am, and because we have opposite personalities we express it in very different ways!

Oh yes, I think she’s still emotional and loud and aggressive and just a little bit manic, but as I listened to her share with the live group how much writing this study affected her I began to catch her enthusiasm and hunger to know what it is about this material that so deeply moved her and changed her life.

This study is about the Old Testament tabernacle that the Israelites built during their 40 years of wandering in the desert. Beth is going to use each piece of the tabernacle and show us how to apply it to our own holy of holies – our heart. The study promises to be very deep and meaty, which really excites me because many of the Bible studies I’ve done in the last year or so have been very “fluffy” and “sweet”, and frankly, I’m sick of desserts and ready for the main course. PTL!!

So don’t be surprised if over the next ten or twelve weeks I blog about what God’s teaching me through this study. Don’t be shocked if I get a little bit fired up and deep myself when I’m sharing with you how my heart is growing and changing.

Friends, I hope this Bible study rocks my world!


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