Dave Ramsey

That name alone often strike fear into the hearts of “spenders” everywhere! Credit card and lending companies across the country despise him and his message. He has one of the hottest syndicated radio talk shows, which boasts “debt is dumb and cash is king.” And millions of people have added him to their Christmas card list – now that they can afford to buy Christmas cards that is. And, even if you’re not a Dave Ramsey groupie you probably at least have an idea who the guy is, and what his message is all about.

**Aside** For those ten readers who are still scratchin‘ their heads and thinking to themselves, “I don’t know who Dave Ramsey is? What’s she talkin‘ about?” First, don’t feel bad about that, and second, he’s a raving lunatic with a radio show, and he helps people get out of debt.

**Now back to your regularly scheduled programming** Our church started a Financial Peace University class last weekend, and even though we’ve been debt free for nearly two years (with the exception of our mortgage), Sam signed up to check it out – spying is really a better term for it, I think.

Sam’s been working on marketing IOU NO MORE! for a few months now and he wanted to see what Ramsey’s product line looked like. Honestly, we’ve never pictured ourselves as competition to Ramsey and his FPU, and we’ve always boasted that we’re the “quick start” niche for people who want to get a handle on how much debt they have, and then work toward getting out of debt. But I have to tell ya, that after looking through the FPU kit we have, I’m currently dealing with an unhealthy dose of merchandise envy!

First, let me preface the kit description by telling you that it costs $100 to enroll in the FPU class, and so this kit should be spiffy for that kind of coin. Second, there are some things that are a bit of overkill, but again, when you’re paying $100 for it, I guess you really do want a little bit of overkill, right? For example, the thing that I thought was really overdone was the workbook. When I think of a workbook, I think of a spiral bound book that I’m going to really want to use. In the FPU kit, it’s a hardback book with really large print, making it feel more like a text book than a training tool. His kit also includes a copy of Financial Peace Revisited, a nice pleather CD organizer that’s filled with about 10-12 CDs of the session material, his envelope system (again in pleather), and an intro CD that also includes his forms library.

Also in an ironic twist of fate, unbeknownst to Sam, he was placed in charge of one of the small groups. There was such an overwhelming and unplanned response to the program that the organizers realized that they didn’t have enough help, so they announced from the floor that Sam was going to be one of the group leaders. They figured that since he’s the author of the wildly successful book IOU NO MORE! that he would be a perfect session leader and a wealth of information on the subject (no pun intended).

For those of you who are struggling with money, I encourage you to dig out all your bills; even the ones you’ve hidden from your spouse in the fake shoe box in the closet; sit down with a cup of coffee, a notepad, and a pencil and take a good, long look at what your financial picture really does look like. There are only three places you can be right now; 1. standing on the shore, 2. treading water, or 3. drowning.

If you’re in position number two or three, I encourage you to get a handle on your finances. Your life doesn’t have to be controlled by your money (or lack of it). Start making some good decisions when it comes to your finances, and stop over spending. Being financially secure doesn’t mean you have to be filthy, stinking rich, but it does mean you have to live on less than you earn, whatever that number is. If you want all the toys, then you need to make more money, not acquire more debt in order to have them. Take control of your life by mastering your money!

One thought on “Dave Ramsey

  1. Sam

    Good post. But then again, I WOULD say that. Ramsey is a great guy with a great program. Can’t knock it. And….we’ve been debt free OVER two years. It was two years in May. Time flies!

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