Teenage hormones

It seems that one of my dogs, Guinness, is going through adolescence. He’s the baby of the family at three years old, and I thought he was already through this stage, but it seems that he’s a late bloomer. Like every young man he’s trying to define his personality, and he’s pushing the envelope on what he can and cannot get away with.

He’s the only male dog we own, and if left up to me, we’ll never have another male again. They pee way too much! And he’s peeing like crazy right now. It could be a defiant streak, or lack of exercise, but I believe it’s just his teenage hormones kicking into overdrive. He’s still intact, and we need to have him neutered, however he’s got a little problem – he has one undescended testicle, and so having him neutered is not a simple or inexpensive process. I think he’s finally discovered that he’s a boy and is determined to do what boys of his age will do……mark everything. Ugh……

He’s been house trained since he was 10 weeks old, and was always awesome about not going to the bathroom in the house unless he was sick. He can go for 8 hours or more, if nescesary, without having to pee; but for some unknown reason as of late, he’s a pee-pee machine. It’s almost like he doesn’t like our new house because the peeing started only when we moved to Georgia in January, and it has gotten progressively worse.

We’ve tried a variety of disciplinary and training methods. Everything from spanking to long walks to crating to spraying everything down with doggie-no and Odo-Ban, as well as taking him outside every two to three hours. Nothing seems to be working anymore. Unfortunately, because of our HOA and our pet owner contract we can not make him an outside dog, so he’s gonna have to learn not to pee in the house. Thankfully, the dogs all live in our unfinished, walk-out basement so they’re not peeing on my good furniture, but I really don’t want a house that smells like a kennel because the basement reeks of pee!

So, if anyone has any suggestions on how I can get him to stop marking his territory, which happens to be all our territory, I’d love to hear them. Just post your comments – I’m desperate to try anything at this point.


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