A Photo Extravaganza

Extravaganza might be a little bit over the top here, but I wanted to post some photos of my trip to Florida. I arrived home yesterday afternoon, and was greeted by my beloved husband at the airport. It was wonderful to get back to my own house, my own bed, my own dogs, and my own routine. Don’t get me wrong, I had a wonderful time with my family and I’m already looking forward to a return trip, but I love my life too.

Anyway, I had promised that when I got home and could edit my photos I’d post some here. I didn’t take as many pictures as I’d hoped to – as it was, my family was pretty annoyed at the number of photos I did take of them. Okay, so here they are:

My parents:

Dad having a snack of “butt cake” as he calls it – it’s really dump cake though…..

This Taylor Mart cup has been in our family for 20 years, at least. My mom literally picked it up off the road in front of the cemetery that was just up the street from our house in Kansas. She’s been using it ever since. It’s a family heirloom practically – I can see plenty of in-family fighting over that babe when she dies!

My Gram:

Gram’s face looks really good, even though they removed about a half dollar sized tumor from her upper lip about two months ago.

My Brother and his son, Mychael:

Kelly has lost about 20 pounds since I saw him in April. He’s looking really good, and working a whole lot of hours. I was very fortunately to get to see him a couple of times while I was in town.

I can’t get over how much this kid looks like his daddy did at that age!

My Grandparents:

They went to lunch with us on Sunday at HOPS. It was lots of fun and something they rarely do.

Granddaddy working on his puzzles….

Dinner at Los Mariachies (the best Mexican food restaurant in the state!):

Here’s my half eaten plate of chicken chimichangas….they were so good, but I couldn’t finish the whole plate in one sitting…..

I think my dad was hungry that night!

Mom was really focused on her primordial ooze….fortunately, it tasted much better than it looked – she does that on purpose, by the way…..

Max (this is my Gram’s dog – he may very well be the dumbest dog alive):

Random photos of boredom:

This was taken at Gram’s house, it’s a trio of crystal animals – a porcupine, a frog, and a pig. Love these guys!


One thought on “A Photo Extravaganza

  1. Dad

    You out did it again, but that is easily done by a wonderful daughter. Miss you alweady have to fin for myself tring to catch up on some rest.Gut looks to big in my pictures need a different angle if that is possible.The rest of them may want to say something else about there picturers. Love You hurry home soon!!!!!

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