The great Shadowbrook election

Today is the highly controversial Shadowbrook Water & Sewer Board election. Voting begins at 6:00 p.m., and a quorum of 165 votes is needed in order to make this an official election. Several people are running in this heated race, and the candidate gossip and propaganda has been flying for weeks. Dirty tactics, slanderous comments, and secret meetings, and loads of misinformation have all made an appearance with this election. Once friendly and caring neighbors have been pitted against each other, the home owner’s board members are fighting amongst themselves, and everyone has an opinion, however many people are forming that opinion based on faulty information. And I know all this and I don’t even live here.

For days, no, weeks this election is all my parents can talk about. The phone rings constantly here, and almost every call is someone from the park looking for information on the election. I feel like I’m sitting in a campaign headquarters for a political party. I’ve been informed I’m going to be there for crowd control. I can’t imagine what a bunch of old fogies will need crowd control for, but I’ve been volunteered, none the less. What are they going to do? Toss their dentures…or worse yet, their diapers?!

Unortunately, my dad is running in this election because he’s a current board member. Currently he’s the vice president of the W&S board, however, he’s hoping to be voted off the island. He’s wanted off the W&S board for years, but no one would step up to the plate and volunteer their time. That’s right, the W&S board is a board of volunteers who spend their free time checking lift stations, finding broken water lines in people’s yards, cleaning out meter boxes, pumping water and sewage out from under people’s houses, and making arrangements to keep the park’s sewer lines clean and well maintained. No on on the board is paid for their time. If someone in the park calls at 2 a.m. with a broken water line, the W&S board crawls out of bed and goes over to help. If the power goes out and the lift stations aren’t working, the W&S board are making calls to have the sewage pumped out and removed so it won’t back up into people’s homes and yards.

For years the board has attempted to recruit workers, and no one wants to participate – they’re all retired. However, since the new park manager has taken over, he wants control of the funds that are in the W&S accounts, and he can’t have it with the current board. So, he’s began stirring a very large pot of…..lets say, crap since this is a family website. He’s been spreading a lot of lies and false information to a lot of good people. He’s been confusing them and working them into a lather for months now, with the intentions of using the angst to gain control of the money. Why does it always have to be about money???

So, there is a general election tonight. People have been asked to put their names in the hat, and many have. Nominations will be taken from the floor as well. The votes will be counted, the proxies will be double checked, and by the end of the night, there could be a major shift in sh……I mean power. Either way, I have a feeling that the current park manager will not have a renewed contract come January. Ah, politics……………


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