Hunkering down

Hurricane Fay (really it’s just a tropical storm now) is on her way here today. I thought she was supposed to land in Bradenton by 8 a.m. but she seems to be slowing down and turning more east the longer she’s on land. She’s currently trapped between Sarasota and Naples and has moved inland quite a bit. It’s a very slow moving storm, but it’s not doing as much damage as the weather station had anticipated. The wind is beginning to pick up a bit here, but I think we’re only supposed to get about 1″ – 3″ of rain with this storm – if that even happens.

The sheriff’s department were making the rounds last night telling everyone to evacuate to a shelter, and Grandmother and Granddaddy went to the hospital last night – that’s where they took Granddaddy because he’s handicapped and can’t stay in a school gymnasium. I told Mom and Dad that they’re gonna have to pry my backside out of here with a crowbar if they want me to evacuate. I’m not going anywhere for what little rain and wind we’re gonna get.

On the medical front, Dad is doing fairly well. He’s been getting up and around (more than he should be) and is regaining feeling in his legs, although there is a whole lot of soreness still. He’s developing some really nasty bruises on his back around the incision, which isn’t unexpected. All in all I think he’s recovering fairly well.

On a much happier note though, on Friday, Mom and I stopped at the Earth Box Research center here in Palmetto. Both Sam and I are on the Earth Box forum since we garden with Earth Boxes, so I wanted to snap some photos of their setup. I’ve seen it many times before as my parent’s live a couple of miles down the road from them, but they’ve re-opened for the late season planting, and they’ve already got some interesting plants started. I’m unsure what many of them are, simply because they’re tropicals. But I was able to recognize a banana tree, papaya tree, and sweet bay. The rest are a mystery. Here’s a sampling of what they’ve got going right now.

One thought on “Hunkering down

  1. Sam

    I am glad you are safe. I love the idea of the concrete blocks under the EBs. I think we should do that. It will make it easier to note when the reservoir is full and easier on the back. I’m getting old.Speaking of EBs, I need to go out and tend to ours.

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