The healing process

After surgery there are a few days of initial healing that has to happen. During that time, you’re not allowed to have a shower because hot water can create a prime breeding ground for bacteria, which will crawl it’s way into your wound, and then your incision will become infected, red and pussy and disgusting.

So, during that time – usually for 3 to 4 days after the surgery – you just learn to live with your own stink. You hope that you don’t have guests who are huggers, and you hope that they don’t mind looking at your oily, matted hair, or your 4 day old beard that’s all white. And if they do mind, they can just leave, right?!

But something wonderful happens on day 4 – you finally get the okay from your doctor to take a shower. Hallelujah! As you crawl under the warm water and the grime slips from your body in long streams, you realize how wonderful water actually feels on your skin; and you make a mental note to send a Thank You card to Water Pic and Delta. Working your loofa into a lather, the clean and refreshing scent of the soap awakens your senses and you can feel your brain clearing of the foggy shroud anesthesia and too much sleep bring. And before you know it, your muscles begin to relax, you start to stretch a bit, and the image of Rip VanWinkle flashes before your eyes. Then you remember your standing in the shower and the the last thing you want on your mind is a little bearded old man!

All in all, Dad is doing pretty well. He’s clean now and his pain medication has kicked in, so he’s happy to be alive!


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