Quarterbacks have layers

I don’t know about you, but I’m none too happy to see Brett Favre come out of retirement to play for Eric Mangini and the NY Jets. I happen to be one of these fans that thinks that once you make the announcement that you’re retiring from pro ball, you need to stay retired. If you’re not sure that’s what you want to do, then don’t drop that bomb until you’re 101% sure. Now Favre is just another Michael Jordan. How many times did that guy come back? Three, four, five times?? And every time he walked back out on the court he was less of an athlete – not only physically but also emotionally.

Only time will tell how Favre plays this year. Will his rocket launcher hold out? Will the Jets offense be able to work with his somewhat unpredictable style? Will Favre’s body hold up under all the pressures that will surely sack him this year? There are a lot of questions to be answered yet, and I for one am not going to be jumpin’ on the Jets bandwagon anytime soon – just because he’ll be sportin’ green doesn’t make Favre “the man” anymore.

Thank goodness Charles Barkley had enough good sense to realize that his next big career move was going to be in the highly influential world of sports broadcasting. Now that’s a role model for ya!


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