Remain calm at all times

Yeah right! Have you ever been involved in a fire drill, and listened to the automated announcement that comes with it? They usually go something like this: “Please remain calm and proceed in an orderly fashion to the nearest exit immediately.”

I don’t know about you, but if I’m in a building that’s burning to the ground, I doubt that I’m going to be calm, and I really doubt anything is going to be orderly. Even during a fire drill, you don’t usually see people holding the door for others, offering to help you along, and there’s never a single file line – everyone is just pushing their way through the doors and trying to get outside as fast as they can.

But the Bible tells us, “Calm down and learn that I am God!” Psalm 46:10 CEV

Learning that God is in control is one of the most difficult and most important lessons we’ll ever learn. Knowing that we can count on and trust God with all things, in all things, and through all things defies the very essence of our human nature. Often when things are going wrong or times are tough, we rely on our own strength to face the trials, or we turn to others for help, assistance, and advise; instead of turning immediately to God and finding the strength, help, and comfort we need in order to sustain us.

When we put other things beside God in the center of our life, it is especially difficult to deal with problems as they arise during the day. The “small stuff” quickly become insurmountable mountains in our path. We find our lives filled to the max with stress, and our emotions seem to be on a never ending roller coaster ride. However, if we’re spending time each day with God, when troubles come our way, it is much more natural to take it to God first, and then sit back and rest in the assurance that whatever comes our way, God is with us – that he’s in complete control. Suddenly those “little things” that used to beat us down are no longer so imposing, and we begin to see problems through God’s eyes.

Is He at the center of your life? Or just occupying a compartment of your life. Is He your first thought? Or just an afterthought when you’re desperate. I encourage and challenge you to give God first place in all things – make Him the center of your life. Spend time in His Word and prayer daily and see if you don’t find it easier to “remain calm at all times.”

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