Lana’s quilt update

I have to admit that I haven’t been sewing very quickly the last couple of weeks, so Lana Belle’s quilt is coming together a lot slower than I’d anticipated. As you can see, I have the top put together – it’s a twin size, and I’m currently in the process of hand embroidering each of the flowers, to ensure their durability.

I had originally planned on machine embroidering, but when I purchased the interfacing for the flowers I bought the super-extra-strength-heavy-duty interfacing; thinking that I needed that heavy of a product because it was for a 4 year old and would most likely see a lot of wear and tear. Unfortunately, I committed the cardinal sin in sewing – I didn’t read the package.

It’s an absolutely no-sew product. Gggrrrr! So I attempted to sew it with my machine anyway since I have a commercial grade machine – that was a dumb idea. The adhesive is so thick it kept breaking the thread. So, unless I want to use nylon fishing line (I don’t, by the way), I’m going to be hand embroidering, which takes about two hours per flower. Once I’m done with the flowers (only 13 more to go) I’ll be able to put the filling and backing on and then it’ll be a matter of machine quilting.
I will not let this little setback stop me though – I’m determined to finish not only Lana’s quilt, but Zoe’s and Turtle’s (the nickname the kids use for the baby – they like the element of surprise when it comes to the baby’s gender, so we all have to wait patiently for the little one to be born).

I feel like the cobbler and his children right now.

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